About Me



Who Am I?

Hey I’m Steve and for years I was “living in my head”, constantly worrying and over-thinking everything! I had goals and dreams like most people and an ever burning desire to be successful in both my personal and business life, but at the same time seemed to have amassed a number of self-limiting beliefs or “blocks” that were preventing me from achieving them!

I felt as if I was living on a constant hamster wheel, my mind spinning from one negative thought to the next overthinking everything, which was just so exhausting.


My Background

I constantly suffered from burn-out and overwhelm due to a very demanding work schedule that took me all over the world and as exciting as all this travel was – it was making me feel physically and mentally sick! I thought there must be a better way to live my life that was going to enhance my wellbeing and so began my quest for an alternative way – a new way of “being” and a lifestyle that would enhance both my Mind, Body & Spirit!

“What you are is what you have been. What you’ll be is what you do now.”

– Buddha

I was fascinated by the whole Mind, Body connection and so I decided to learn everything I could get my hands on about the subject and in the process learned and qualified as an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner. I also learned how energy works and then immersed myself in the ancient Japanese practise of Reiki and soon qualified as a Level 1, 2 and now Level 3 Master Reiki Practitioner and continue to gain further insight and knowledge into this powerful ancient practise.

I also studied the ancient practise of Yogic Breathwork Pranayama and became qualified as a Life Awareness Breathwork instructor.

I then studied the ancient Chinese art of Qigong, learning how to combine breathwork, movement and meditation to help exercise and heal my body from within.



By combining the principles of Mindset, Ancient Wisdom and Breathwork, I was able to transform my whole life all from the inside out, living with more purpose, passion and joy!


And now I want to share what I’ve learned to help others. 


If you would like to help heal your body and mind from emotional and physical blocks and trauma, I offer Mindset, Energy and Breathwork therapy sessions online.

I also offer bespoke 1:1  Breathwork / Cold Water Therapy Coaching sessions on the beach near my home in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

For more information please contact me here.

Steve x

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